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Grey floor - shaw web studio

Colorful Sleuths

Here’s a peek into the process of determining color trends, as followed by Shaw — one of our major flooring manufacturers.

A team of skilled, knowledgeable Shaw stylists makes it their mission every year to track and research color trends. Their research and dedication help create the most up-to-date flooring styles for your home.

Emily Morrow, Shaw’s director of color, style, and design, talks about how her group conducts color research:

“When selecting colors and establishing styles for soft or hard surface lines,” she says, “We study our current sales history and color forecasts, as well as national and international fashion and furnishing trends.

“The mission of our Color, Style & Design Team is to predict color and style preferences based on what we see in the world through regular travel, runway fashion, global environment, economic changes, cultures, food, and international markets ... and then to apply our observations directly to our latest products in development.”

Each year, Shaw stylists travel across the country conducting extensive studies of regional colors and markets. The information these designers compile is pivotal in guiding the development of beautiful, fashion-forward flooring products.